Neri Equine featured in Travronden

Recently, the trotting magazine Travronden did a feature on my work as an Equine Dental Technician and about why it is important to look after the horse's teeth.

Journalist Dennis Engelbo from Travronden Magazine came up with the idea to go behind the scenes of trot and gallop racing. He wanted to give punters and racing fans a glimpse behind the scenes and interview people such as myself, who work with competition horses on a daily basis but rarely make the limelight. 

So, after Dennis Engelbo had met with an equine chiropractor, it was my turn to spend a day with him and the photographer Lars Jakobsson, to explain what my work consists of and why taking care of the horse’s mouth is so important.

I really enjoyed the day. It is always a pleasure having someone around who interested in the work that I am doing. Both Dennis and Lars looked really keen to know all the aspects involved in treating horses’ teeth. 

For the occasion, we met at the thoroughbred racecourse Bro Park, close to Stockholm. The horse racing fans will know that some of the best racehorse trainers in Scandinavia are based at Bro Park. I always enjoy going there to treat horses. 

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Below you can find some of the shots that photographer Lars Jakobsson took during the day. 

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